Man shoots neighbor for beating his dog!

An argument erupted early on Wednesday morning between two Houston neighbors. A man in his twenties was beating a dog, and a man in his sixties objected to it.

Soon afterwards, he went inside his house and grabbed a gun, and shot the dog abuser. However, he will not be facing charges.

Neither of the men have been identified, but her mother gave an account of what went down.

“My son attacked him, I guess, in some form or fashion, because they were talking about the dog. My son ran into the house.

The guy that shot him ran into another area, got the shotgun and shot through my back window and shot my son in the neck,” she said told KPRC 2.


The shot was not fatal, and police said the man in his sixties will not be charged because the case is considered to be a case of self-defense.

I would hope it’s a good wake-up call for him because he was having problems with his mom all of the time. And going through some things with her, explained another neighbor, Willis Garrett.


We hope the wound recovery can be quick, and that next time; he will be a lot more careful in what he does!

Watch a video about the incident below.