12 Year old girl saved from rape by stray dogs!

There are many bad people in this world today, sadly, going back as far as time itself! Back in the 5th century A tutelary, that’s a deity or spirit who is a guardian, protected and guided us, in modern day we call them guardian angels…

It’s said that guardian angels can come to protect us in many ways, I think that maybe these stray dogs had a higher being whisper in their ears and encourage them to know where to be that day, as they were in just the right place to come to the rescue!

This young girl, 12 years old, innocent and only just beginning life, was sadly attacked, her guardian angel was ready to protect her, with the help of five stray dogs after a man tried to rape her…

The girl who remains anonymous was walking on her way to her aunt’s house in the barrio Costa Azuld in Argentina, from here things really got bad.

The man seemed to come out of nowhere and grabbed her, he covered her mouth and dragged her to somewhere that he must have known to go where he thought he wouldn’t be disturbed.

stray dogs

The terrible act happened around 9.30 in the morning and the little girl screamed as hard as she could when the man attacked her, the dogs nearby heard her screams!

The dogs came and they knew just what to do, they started to bit the man, the girl was able to thankfully break free of his hold on her and run!

She ran back to a neighbor’s home where she was safe, they called the police straight away who came and brought the girl back to her parents.

The Police were not able to find the attacker and it wasn’t reported what happened to the dogs either, but without a doubt, the dogs are the true heroes here!!!