She finds lost dog wandering, she checked his collar and Instead of number, there was a message!

For any pet lover, having a dog walk up to you is pretty much the perfect scenario. You can pet them and give them all of your love!

I know that I often get sad when I see a puppy with its owner that I cannot pet. But I respect that choice, which is why it’s nice when you meet a friendly dog.

One teen happened to find a dog that appeared to be lost. But upon further inspection, it turned out he wasn’t lost at all!

Much like Dew, a golden retriever that enjoys adventure, this dog likes to leave home and roam. But he is safe and knows his way around.

If you grew up in a small town, you might have known a dog like this one!

lost dog

lost dog

They were the neighborhood pet, they lived a couple of streets over, but you saw them every day while they were on their walk.

This dog, named Cash, has an adorable name tag in case anyone is afraid that he is lost!

lost dog

Liliana, the teen that found Cash, told her online friends about the encounter in a series of photos.

Cash walked up to her and, just by looking at his little smile, it is pretty fair to guess Liliana immediately pet him. But when she checked his collar, there wasn’t a number to match his name.

lost dog

Instead, there was a message for whomever found Cash. It said:

My name is Cash

I am very social

I like to roam

But please…

…don’t tie me up

So I can return home

I promise I’ll go

back all on my own.

Liliana shared this clever name tag and cute lost dog with all of her followers on Twitter.

lost dog

The original tweet got nearly 5,000 likes. It was later shared on bigger Twitter pages, making it an instantly viral hit!

One of her friends even made a joke about Cash “running away.”

lost dog

Have you ever seen a dog with a name tag on their collar like this one?

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