Terrified pup saved from dog meat farm finally shows rescuers what’s really wrong!

When somebody has been through a traumatic experience, it can be difficult for them to return to a sense of normalcy. Simply accepting the fact that you are finally safe—let alone able to move forward with your life—can be hard enough.

Dogs deal with similar challenges when struggling with post-traumatic stress. This is especially true when they’ve been mistreated by humans. And it can be difficult for them to ever trust people again.

So you can imagine how challenging it was for this group of dogs who were rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea.

One pooch in particular was having a rough time… and there was an important reason why. Though it is not seen in the Western world with the same frequency, dog meat farms can still be found in several places around the world.

This includes facilities in South Korea such as the one pictured.

dog meat farm

As bad as many puppy mills are—in which female dogs are forced to breed so their pups can be sold—dog meat farm treat canines even more poorly.

dog meat farm

Since these dogs are treated as little more than food, they’re often treated inhumanely and they are, quite literally, stuffed into horrible living conditions.

In January 2017, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay rescued 14 dogs from one such farm in South Korea.

dog meat farm

All of them were, understandably, traumatized and they needed help adjusting to their new situation. One dog was having a particularly difficult time, however…

Her name was Rosa, and every time a human walked by, she would curl up and press her body into the corner.

dog meat farm

“Her body language in the photos shows that she is trying to disappear into the wall.” Why was Rosa so much more nervous than the other dogs? Didn’t she enjoy her newfound freedom?

Rosa’s trainer was the only person she allowed to get close to her. Once the dog trusted him enough, she showed him exactly why she was so anxious.

dog meat farm

“As if existence on a dog meat farm, an international journey, and a whole new environment weren’t stressful enough,” said the rescuers, “we’ve discovered that our Rosa is pregnant.” Whoa!

“After noticing her belly he was finally able to touch her and confirm the pregnancy,” they continued. “She is very far along and could give birth soon. We have moved her to a quiet kennel away from the hustle and bustle where she can nest and feel more safe.”

dog meat farm

While it would seem that Rosa has a long way to go before she feels completely safe and secure in her new surroundings, there’s no question that things worked out for the best.

Especially considering the fate that awaited her before. Hopefully her delivery goes smoothly!

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