Tied In A Sack And Abandoned Miles From Anywhere, Mother And Pups!

We almost feel ashamed to be part of a human race that is capable of such deeply sad and intentionally horrible acts that some people are capable in this world, in fact, we believe there is a special place for people like that, its a place full of flames and heat, underneath our normal world!

Helpless innocent animals really need our love and care, yet some select few people seem to do precisely the opposite of what they should, do they know its wrong? Of course, they do!

The mother and her lovely little pups are of course now safe, but the horrible things people can do to not only a mother but her pups too, it makes no sense to us in the least bit!

They tied them in a sack and just left them for nature to take her toll on them, but like this, they would not last long at all, left in the middle of a dirt road!

Without them being found they really had no chance at all of staying alive by themselves, none whatsoever…

You can see in the video that the mom has exhausted herself and already given up hope of escaping the sac she was tied in, it’s very grim fate that would have awaited her.

Gladly there was a woman, called Almeida who happened upon the sack and quickly knew just what to do, thankfully a kind and human woman!

Almeida said under the video she posted:

“One of the worst abuse scenes I’ve ever seen! If you don’t have strength, don’t look! Sick Mother with puppies tied in a bag and thrown in the middle of nowhere!”

“He’s been there a long time. Dizzy and weak puppies due to lack of air and mother bleeding a lot! How Cowardly! What a sin but God will change this I am sure!”

“Watch till the end!”

The footage is pretty hard to watch, but watch it until the end!

We are not positive what happened after they were rescued, but at least they are all safe and happy, that much we can know!