Tiny Dog Stranded On The Streets, Look At Him Now!

When you imagine a pug we tend to think of a cute little doggie, but ‘Dex’, this little doggie was a stray taken to the Austin Animal Center in Texas, things were not looking good for him…

Not even a year old the little doggie was just a tiny 10 pounds in weight and there was a real danger that he would lose his vision, poor little one!

The poor little one was held for the required time, on his own, without medical treatment until the mandatory time was up, delaying medical treatment…

But then thankfully, Pug Rescue Austin stepped in and came to the rescue, and just in time thankfully!

The rushed him, to the rescue where they assessed him completely, he really was in a terrible state and far worse than was thought initially.

Skin infections and Democratic mange riddled his skin and because of it, he had no hair at all, except for his tail, the vet thought that he been suffering for six months to be in this sort of state!

Pug Rescue Austin pointed out that he had been suffering like this for pretty much half his life, at least, poor little one!

Bulging eyes, like all pugs, but in his case, it was a little more serious…

Signe Corbin said:

“He had painful corneal ulcers from not only the lack of tear production but likely from constant itching and rubbing his face, thus traumatizing his eyes. He squinted and kept them closed most of the time.”

Dex was treated for worms and given some medicine to relieve the pain also, the cocktail of drugs to help him also included antibiotics and anti-fungal medications too!

His foster mom was putting drops in his eyes every two hours!

The rescuers were really concerned that he might not recover fully, emotionally, and being a pug, it may leave a lasting problem, but not this little pug!

Signe said:

“He was very scared the first few days, but as he started to heal and feel better, he quickly warmed up to people and became particularly attached to his foster …We discovered he loved to curl up in round beds with higher sides on them and he loved fleece blankets against his skin.”

His behavior improved slowly but surely, a little at a time:

Singe said:

“After a week or so, he became relaxed enough to start wagging his tail …and after another week, he started enjoying chews, toys and interacting with other dogs.”

Dex was really getting a huge following on Facebook, well we can see that wouldn’t be hard to imagine, he is so adorable!

For Dex, it’s been a roller-coaster, but fun and with a loving family, he play fights with his brothers and sisters as happy as a pig in mud!

His family said:

“He has become very dominant in an adorable way …He’s tiny and the most confident and feisty of our pack. He’s super proud and knows he has ‘street cred.’”

But his playful ways doesn’t stop him from getting snuggled from his favorite people…

The family said:

“He is a little shadow always attached to a human. He loves to sleep under the covers.”

Now safe and happy and all together in great shape, this a lovely story and an absolute beauty, which is also the start of this cute little pugs life!

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