‘Ugly’ puppy finds no love until one family can’t resist her beautiful smile!

It is an unfortunate circumstance of our society that many people are very shallow when it comes to appearance.

I’m sure you’ve met such people: the fancy car, perfect hair, latest fashion. These types of people tend to be very judgmental and discard anything that doesn’t pass their critique.

A subjectively unattractive puppy found herself on the receiving end of such a situation.

Lisa, a ten-week-old Westie/Chihuahua mix puppy, arrived at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley looking like she had been through a lot physically. She was covered with scars, clearly showing that she had seen some unpleasantness.

Despite this, she was a very happy little dog, full of energy, loving to play, and loving the people around her.

The good people at the Humane Society helped nurse her back to full health and did everything they could to prepare her to be adopted into a forever home.


All they needed to do at this point was wait for the right family to come along and adopt this wonderful little dog.

Thankfully, there was a family that cared more about love than looks. The Doblar family had just lost their Chihuahua. Their three-legged chocolate lab named Pelé was lonely and in need of a new friend to love.

When Lisa first met her new family, she was incredibly excited and greeted them in such a loving way.

They ended up renaming her Lucky, which is quite appropriate given the way she found them!


Mom Christine Doblar said, “We sat on the floor with the volunteer and Lucky greeted my daughters, husband and I with her wiggly self and kisses galore. We all melted. We visited with a few more dogs, but kept talking about Lucky.”

They loved the dog so much that even though they had to leave to go run errands, Christine’s two daughters grew very antsy, worried that someone else might also fall in love with Lucky and adopt her before they could return.

Christine knew this puppy had to come home with them, so she turned the car around and made a beeline for the Humane Society.

Lucky is in love with her new home and new family, and she couldn’t care less about the way she looks, which is how her family feels as well. She loves to play and is bonding very well with Pelé.


Maybe a bit too comfortable as she has started displacing him by sleeping in his bed!

The Doblar’s created a Facebook page where they share hilarious moments they experience with their playful pups.

“We don’t feel we have done anything heroic in adopting her, but we are touched by all the love sent her way by genuine animal lovers, everywhere.”

She loves chucking her ball around the house!

There are so many animals who never get a happy ending, but it is truly wonderful to see a story of an animal who has found its forever home; receiving the love it deserves.