Woman makes special trip to ‘Dead Dog Beach’ and saves unwanted animals from being dumped!

Christina Beckles, a New York resident and lover of all animals; had heard rumors about some of the animal abuse in other countries.

She had no idea that she would eventually get into one of the most heartbreaking animal rescues of all time.

Christina found out that somewhere on the coast of Puerto Rico, there were countless animals that needed her help and she was going to stop at nothing to try and get them all a good home.

“Dead Dog Beach” is a strip of dunes and shoreline along the coast of Puerto Rico that is the dump zone of any unwanted animal that is hurt, sick, or unloved. There are countless cases of dogs being thrown from moving cars like unwanted trash. Many arrive starving and weak, with pellet wounds lodged in their backs. Others are missing legs or ears; covered in mange and fleas.

animal rescues

“At first, I could only rescue one dog at a time, and the feeling of leaving all of the others behind was terrible,” Beckles said.

“There were so many dogs running in packs, it was very overwhelming. Everywhere you looked, there were dogs in terrible conditions, in the blazing sun all day, with no proper nutrition or fresh water.”

animal rescues

Beckles had originally flown out to the area to visit her boyfriend who was working in Puerto Rico. When she came across the terrible area, she was completely shattered.

“It was overwhelming, the sense of what I felt, but it ignited a fire within me,’’ Beckles said. “I couldn’t sit back and do nothing. I had to help the dogs.”

animal rescues

Christina soon quit her job as a marketing executive to launch her own nonprofit, The Sato Project; in 2011 so she could dedicate herself to rescuing Puerto Rico’s abandoned dogs full-time.

Many of these dogs have been rescued and placed in the loving arms of loving families who appreciate their new pets.

On Aug. 23, Beckles’ group flew 200 dogs rescued from the island to the United States, where they will be adopted.

This massive effort is changing the lives of countless dogs and giving them the chance to be loved and cared for.

The shelters are doing their best; but there is just nowhere to place the dogs and not enough resources to care for them.” Says Beckles.

After saving these dogs Christina plans to educate the people of Puerto Rico on the severity and responsibility that having an animal comes with.