Women thought she adopted a tiny dog, has no idea it would turn out to grow this massive!

While there are some dogs who remain little and cute forever, there are others who grow rapidly and become much larger in the blink of an eye.

In the case of the dog from this story, a sweet little pup can actually turn into a massive (yet majestic) beast before you’ve even had a chance to know what hit you.

Tydus was tiny and lovable when he was first adopted and his own Yumna found herself head over heels in love with the little fella.

Just imagine having the chance to hold this sweet dog when he was just a baby. We are definitely jealous of Yumna, that’s for sure! However, she never could have predicted how large the dog would grow once he made his way into adulthood.

The once small pup has now grown into a 120 pound adult and while he is still just as adorable as he ever was, the best part of all is that he continues to behave in a manner that suggests he thinks he’s a puppy.


It is believed that much of his size is derived from the amount of fluff he carries around. His family does not believe that he is slated to get any larger.

But they are definitely prepared to handle the situation if he does. The dog even has his own Instagram account and it is a major hit.

Tydus is not only popular online, but he is also very popular in his own community. His fluffy coat attracts a great deal of attention and from there, everyone notices his massive size.


We cannot say that we blame them; since most of us are not used to seeing a dog this size casually strolling about.

His frame might be colossal, but his heart is just as big. His beautiful soul and easy going nature have made him a great addition to this family.

Be sure to check out the following video. So you can have a much-needed chance to get to know this special dog a little bit better.