She Had Enough Of Humans, Won’t Trust Anyone, Until She Meets This One Veteran!

Just like people out dogs learn in life and sometimes they learn amazing things but sadly they can also learn not to trust humans too when they had lots of bad experiences, this is just one of those cases!

This Pit Bull really had enough of humans not being nice to her and decided she really couldn’t trust us anymore, but we truly do see how intelligent our doggies are with what happens next.

Coming back from his second tour in Iraq, Chad Flemming was finding it hard to cope with his PTSD, that on top of his physical injuries, he really had quite immense anxiety, just to make him feel even worse…

Meeko, the Pit Bull had been abandoned in the impound and didn’t want to know us humans, but together with Chad things were somehow different, you almost wouldn’t believe how well they were about to get along together.

Found by a Ruff Start Rescue volunteer Meeko was sadly due to be put down, because of her circumstances, however, just in time Chad came along and rescued her from that awful fate!

Now Chad and Meeko spend their time together, they recognize they both need each other and amazingly get on and trust each other so much! So much so that Meeko is beginning to trust other humans again too!

Chad tells us how the Pit Bull, Meeko has really helped his PTSD and really reduced his stress levels too, he feels less anxious and although Meeko is not quite ready to get along with all humans just yet, he hopes she will be able to be trusted as a faithful service dog one day.

Chad said that they really bonded right from the very first day together and she was just like a huge big soft teddy bear with him, her instinct knew they should be together!

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