Wounded dog spent weeks freezing in a box in the woods, but his loyal friend watched over him!

Leslie Ysuhuaylas made her usual stop at a common dumping ground for unwanted pets in Dallas, Texas.

She didn’t know what she’d come across this day, but it was a sad sight. A dog was sitting in an empty crate that she had left out in the area. He was so quiet and still that she never would’ve noticed him if she didn’t check the crate.

The poor dog was injured with a deep wound on his leg and had swelling in his head. It was obvious that this pup had given up on life. The dog probably climbed into the blanketed box for warmth during the 20-degree night.

Volunteers from The Underdog Project carried the two-year-old Sharpei mix out of basket and into the car and rushed him to an emergency vet.

They got a better look at his wound and realized that the gash was so deep, it was right down to the bone.


While they were treating the wounded dog, who they named Benny, Ysuhuaylas discovered another dog at the scene.

The chocolate Labrador, who is estimated to be around one-year-old, watched the events unfold. She stared at her doggy friend from a distance, refusing to leave the area.


The rescuers went back and got the Labrador, now known as Betty.

Ysuhuaylas then called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help. They agreed to take both Benny and Betty in.


“Our hearts break in [two] thinking about Benny, day after day, night after night in the freezing cold, in pain, living in this box,” wrote the group on its Facebook page.

“Benny needs all our prayers and positive thoughts.”


Benny was in critical condition but is now staying with a foster until his leg heals.

Despite what he’s been through, he is still a very friendly and loving dog who loves to play with toys.


Benny is doing extremely well considering he spent weeks, if not months, freezing in a box in an abandoned wooded area.

He’s spending the next ten days at RDRNYC’s Texas Vet partner before he’s transported to New York with his doggy friend, Betty, where they will be available for adoption.